Iris Black is a young man with the gift to bring pieces of artwork to life. 5 years into an apocalyptic outbreak, he’s holed up in a lab that shelters “problem” children. Between his failed experiments, deteriorating mental stability, and being ridiculed by other members of the lab, he doesn’t think life could get any worse. Life agrees to disagree.

Updates every other Wednesday.



Countdown to Countdown is a sci-fi apocalyptic webcomic set in 2044 America with flower themes. This comic also includes the occasional gore, horror, and emotional manipulation- read at your own risk. Thank you!

About the Author:

Xiao Tong “Vel” Kong writes and illustrates Countdown to Countdown. She has worked on this story since 2010 and have been updating Countdown to Countdown since it’s release on August 5, 2015.

Her dream goal is to finish Countdown to Countdown successfully to its completion.

You can read more about the girl behind “Vel” here.